For The Workplace

Guidelines for blood screenings

  • Fasting is always preferable for any blood sugar or cholesterol testing.
  • A 12 (twelve) hour fast for venipuncture cholesterol and blood sugar is required.
  • Fasting means no food or drink. Avoid taking diabetes medication (other necessary medications may be taken, i.e. heart/blood pressure medication), although the participant may drink water or decaf coffee without cream or sugar.
  • Participants who are diabetic should not take insulin or pills for diabetes until after the test. They can bring these and other medications with them and administer them after the test.
  • The Coronary Risk Profile is like a lipid profile and includes total cholesterol,HDL, LDL, triglycerides and blood sugar screenings.
  • Participants who don’t fast prior to the blood draw can still have the test done but should be aware that the results are not nearly as accurate.
  • The results of the profile are mailed to the patient’s home usually within 10 to 14 days or hand delivered back to the participant's employer if requested.
  • The Coronary Risk Profile comes with a learning guide that discusses each risk factor. Participants are encouraged to read this in order to understand their test results.
  • Results of these tests are not sent to a participant’s physician unless the participant or doctor requests that he or she receives a copy.
  • Any participant with abnormal results is strongly encouraged to discuss these findings with his or her physician for follow-up treatment.
  • After blood is drawn, if the participant experiences any tenderness or swelling at the site, he or she may apply ice, elevate the arm and take Tylenol for discomfort if he or she is not allergic to Tylenol.
  • A room with good lighting, cool temperatures, and some measure of privacy helps the participants.
  • Letting us know the approximate number of participants greatly aids our staffing.
  • If several of your employees report difficulty with blood draws in the past, please ask us to send a phlebotomist.