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Proctor Hospital EMS
Contact Information

(Last updated 8/8/2011)
EMS Office
(309) 683-6186
(309) 683-6190
Proctor ED
(Recorded line)
Proctor ED FAX
CAREpoint/EKG Fax
(309) 683-6112

(309) 689-8627
(309) 683-6102
Maggi Ballard
EMS Coordinator
(309) 683-6180
or Email
Carrie Vaughn
EMS Admin Asst.
(309) 683-6186
or Email
Jim Hubler, MD, JD
ED Medical Director
(309) 691-1000
ext. 1559
or Email
Richie Springer
EMS Educator
(309) 683-6189
or Email

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Proctor Hospital EMS - Questions and Answers

Proctor Hospital

  • My Fire Department wants to remain in the Peoria Area EMS System, can I join the Proctor Hospital EMS System as an individual?

  • No, I am sorry you may not. You belong to the EMS System that the agency you practice with belongs to, and you must follow their policies and protocols.

  • Once my agency has joined the Proctor EMS System, who do I call for orders when transporting to hospitals other than Proctor Hospital?

    Agencies which are members of the Proctor Hospital EMS System will contact Proctor Hospital for orders.  Agencies which are part of Proctor Hospital EMS System will call only Proctor for treatment orders, no matter which hospital is the destination hospital.

  • Will Methodist Medical Center be an Associate Hospital in the Proctor Hospital EMS System?

    Discussions have been held with Methodst Medical Center regarding this possibility.  At this time, no decision has been made.  If Methodist Medical Center joins the Proctor Hospital EMS System, then agencies which are also members of the Proctor Hospital EMS System will be able to contact Methodist for orders when Methodist is the destination hospital.

  • Will Proctor Hospital be diverting or directing the transport of patients to Proctor Hospital?

    The primary determination of patient destination should be patient preference.  If the patient has no preference, the patient should be transported to the closest appropriate hospital.  Trauma patients who meet field triage criteria for a Level I or Level II Trauma Center, based on the patient's injuries, condition and distance to the Trauma Centers will be directed to a Level I or Level II trauma facility.  Additionally, patients needing neonatal or pediatric intensive care will be directed to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.

  • If you have a question which is not answered on the website, please e-mail Maggi Ballard at maggi.ballard@proctor.org.