Senior Health Services

Choose Proctor for Senior Health Services
Every patient at Proctor Hospital is special. From newborn babies and young adults to seniors, everyone is treated with the same respect, dignity and personal care. But the fact is, seniors have health-related concerns that often require more and different health care services. At Proctor, we’re focusing resources on this area of community need.The spectrum of senior services begins with health screenings, education programs and other activities designed to maintain healthy habits and lifestyles.

Forward 55 Membership
Adults 55 and older are invited to be a part of Proctor’s Forward 55 — it’s a free membership program. It offers a full range of healthy living benefits to keep you healthy, and active. Membership benefits include discounts on insurance products, medical equipment, optical products, health screenings, education classes and more. It’s our way of adding value to the benefit of your experience. For additional information or to enroll in Forward 55, please call (309) 689-8334 or click here.

Health Education
Health education programs are offered at the Hult Center for Health Education’s Seniors On The Go program. Topics and presentations vary from month to month. To check on an educational program, please call (309) 686-9595.

Patient Centered Care
We understand the healing touch of family aids recovery and our Family Care Program is designed to assist patients and families who must travel from outlaying areas of 45 miles/1 hour drive from Proctor Hospital. The program provides a motel room and meal passes to Proctor’s cafeteria, at no charge, to immediate family members of patients who have identified major procedures or an emergency trauma transfer. For details regarding this program or to determine if you, or your family members, are eligible for the benefits, please contact Social Service Department at (309) 691-1032.

Proctor provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient surgical services utilizing the very latest in technology and surgical techniques including laser surgery, arthroscopy and laparoscopic procedures. It is a leader in the treatment of heart disease, with one of the most sophisticated cardiac surgical suites in downstate Illinois.

Medical and Surgical CareThe Medical and Surgical Care unit provides care for medical/surgical patients who are acutely ill or injured and in varying stages or recuperation from diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical interventions.

  • General
  • Orthopedic & Joint Replacemen
  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Open Heart
  • Angioplasty
  • Vascular Thoracic
  • Colonoscopy
  • Gynecological
  • Urological

Hospitalist Services provided to patients in the hospital. By seeing patients in the hospital, as needed, the hospitalist physician can provide around the clock care and hands-on coordination of the patients who are hospitalized.

Rehabilitation Services hospitalized patients needing therapy services will receive one-to-one care from licensed professional therapists who specialize in Physical therapy and Occupational therapy. 

Emergency Department (ED) provides a full spectrum of care for critically ill and injured patients. The ED offers a dedicated Chest Pain Center, 24/7 coverage by specialty and subspecialty physician and surgeons.

Diagnostic Imaging offers a full spectrum of services including the following:

  • Diagnostic Radiology
  • CT Scans & MRI
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Ultrasound
  • Echo/Vascular
  • Dexa Scan, test for osteopenia & osteoporosis
  • Mammography

Laboratory Services convenient walk-in service for tests ordered by a physician. Providing clinical and reference laboratory services with ease of admission and timely results to the patient’s physician.

Sleep Disorder Center is a full service sleep/EEG department which offers evaluations by Board Certified Sleep Specialists. Patients receiving a sleep test have a private bedroom and bathroom. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (309) 691-1026.

Proctor Burklund Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is an outpatient cardiac rehabilitation service available at Heart Care Midwest. Participation is by physician referral.

Skilled Nursing Center located in the main hospital facility, the Skilled Nursing Center provides care to patients who no longer need the full medical support of the hospital but who still need more nursing care than they would have at home. To learn more about the Proctor Skilled Nursing Center, please call (309) 691-1093.

Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an outpatient program that focuses on the treatment of chronic and non-healing wounds.  Please contact the Advanced Wound Center at (309) 689-6074.

Mental Health Services at the Counseling Center at Proctor Hospital offers three unique programs that focus on aging issues common among adults age 55 or older.

Achieving Health At Home Home care services are designed to assist individuals in achieving the optimal level of health at home. Proctor Home Care services complement the plan of care that has been developed by the patient, family and physician. We will work with the patient’s physician to provide a smooth transition from the hospital to home.  Arrangements can also be made for a non hospitalized person who could benefit from home care, please call (309) 691-1075 for additional information.

Proctor Medical Equipment provides quality medical equipment and professional service to patients with special needs. Deliver and set up of equipment is provided at no charge and emergency on call service is available 24/7. For a complete listing of products and services, please call (309) 689-6020

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