Advanced Wound Center

Proctor Hospital

For nearly 25 million Americans, the aging process, diabetes and other conditions lead to chronic, non-healing wounds. In some cases, these wounds can take weeks, months or even years to fully heal, dramatically affecting the quality of life.

Chronic wounds are often treated in homes, hospitals, outpatient physical therapy, physicians’ offices and other health care environments. But in many cases, the focus is on the wound itself and not the factors that are preventing the healing process.

By listening, planning and acting with the best possible resources, Proctor Hospital has founded a wound center to meet this special need.

A safe, convenient, cost-effective approach to wound treatment.

Proctor uses a multi-disciplinary approach to wound care that includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, infection control consultants, dietitians and other specialists all at one location. Their goal: to promote healing and prevent infection and re-injury.

Services and procedures.

  • A thorough wound assessment identifies underlying disease factors
  • Conventional and specialty wound treatment
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a treatment sometimes used along with revascularization procedures or as a primary treatment when revascularization is not an option. HBOT is a daily treatment in which a patient breathes 100% oxygen at pressure greater than normal atmospheric pressure in a hyperbaric chamber.
  • Patient/family/professional education provides vital information on disease processes, treatments and services
  • Certified wound care therapists
  • Dietitians provide nutritional counseling
  • Orthotic consultants fit patients needing specialized footwear
  • Consultants provide medical equipment when needed

Why choose Proctor's wound care clinic?

  • To receive thorough wound assessment, implementation of care, education and follow-up. By involving family and friends in the program, hospital stays are often reduced and patients receive care in the comfortable surroundings of home.
  • Team of highly trained health care professionals
  • Full range of diagnostic and treatment services
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as an adjunctive therapy to aid in the treatment of chronic wounds
  • Medicare assignment accepted
  • Services approved by most insurance carriers
  • Services provided in a hospital setting
  • Convenient location, easy access
  • Free parking
  • Call the Center at (309) 689-6074