Therapy Services

Proctor Hospital

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We’ve brought together a multidisciplinary team of therapy professionals and support personnel to assist the patient on their road to recovery. In addition to our physicians and nurses, it’s comforting to know there is a team of rehabilitation specialists to assist in recovery from an illness, injury or surgery.

Program Objectives

  • Restore functional abilities:
    • mobility
    • personal care and safety
    • activities of daily living
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Improve outlook and general sense of well-being
  • Prepare for potential lifestyle changes


    Proctor Hospital accepts Medicare and most private insurance and managed care plans. Staff will assist participants in determining coverage.

    Comprehensive Inpatient & Outpatient Services

    • Stretching and strengthening
    • Endurance and energy conservation
    • Gait and mobility training (cane, crutches, walker)
    • ADL retraining
    • Adaptive equipment evaluation and training
    • Pain management
    • Cognitive retraining
    • Swallowing
    • Speech fluency
    • Balance retraining
    • Visual-perceptual retraining
    • Lymphedema management
    • Low vision rehabilitation

    The Team

    Physical, occupational, and speech therapists, therapy assistants and other rehabilitation team members are available to ensure the restoration of functional abilities and a speedy recovery. The team has the training and experience to address specific rehabilitation needs, whether recovering from a stroke, multiple traumas, fracture, orthopedic surgery or other debilitating condition.

    Like any healthcare service, the focus is on the patient and their recovery. The team, while working directly with the patient, may involve family members as requested. It helps families to better understand what is being experienced by the patient and may enable the family to provide assistance to the patient during their recovery.

    The Environment

    Proctor Hospital provides a private, quiet area for therapy so the patient can stay focused on their rehabilitation.

    The patient and their physician are involved in every step of the rehabilitation process from evaluation and treatment to discharge and follow-up for inpatient, outpatient, skilled nursing or home health services.

    Free Balance Screenings

    The Therapy Department at Proctor offers free balance screenings the second Wednesday of each month from 8:30-11:30 a.m. in the Hospital Lobby. This short four-step screening will provide a vital assessment toward keeping participants active, helping to identify any impairments such as weakness, loss of motion, sensory problems, or misalignments that may limit that person’s independence. Registration is not necessary. The screening takes just a few short minutes. Contact Kalie at (309) 674- 7874 or for more information.

    For information or to make a appointment call Therapy Services at (309) 691-1040