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Is your health worth checking up on? We think so. Health Screenings are held at the Hult Center for Health Education, 5215 N. Knoxville Avenue, on the campus of Proctor Hospital.

A 25% discount is available to Proctor Preferred Plan, Forward 55 and Proctor Health Advantage members.

For information please call (309) 691-1038.

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Health Check

A unique package of healthy hints that includes a cholesterol screening, blood sugar and blood pressure screenings, and height and weight measurements.
Proctor Hospital

Heart Check

This comprehensive coronary risk appraisal includes a detailed questionnaire, blood sugar and blood pressure screenings, total cholesterol, HDL and triglyceride tests with a height and weight measurement. Participants receive a heart-health analysis with recommendations for reducing coronary risk.
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Osteo Check

Heel Screening for Osteoporosis. Find out how strong your bones are with a heel screening that measures your bone density. This (non-x-ray) screening takes just ten minutes to perform and is painless. Osteo Check measures your T-score and bone mineral density.
Proctor Hospital

CBC and Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

This screening is recommended for adults and is a complete blood count used to diagnose anemia and infections. A 12-hour fast is recommended.
Proctor Hospital

Lipid Profile Check

This screening is recommended for adults, especially individuals with a personal or family history of elevated cholesterol levels, or heart attack/stroke. A 12-hour fast is recommended.
Proctor Hospital

Coronary Risk Profile

Venipuncture blood test that measures glucose, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood pressure, height and weight, and provides an individualized heart health analysis. This screening is recommended for adults, especially those having a personal or family history of diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels, or heart attack/stroke. This test comes with an individualized report on how to improve your results. A 12-hour fast is recommended. (See guidelines for fasting.)
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Thyroid Testing

Includes free T4 and TSH levels. These blood tests can define whetherthe thyroid gland's hormone production is normal, overactive, orunderactive. Helps your doctor tell the differences between pituitaryand thyroid dysfunction. No food or drink restriction necessary, except to avoid shellfish.
Proctor Hospital

PAD Screening

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) affects the arteries outside the heart and brain. This ankle-brachial index (ABI) screening is painless and takes only 15 minutes. During the screening, blood pressure in the feet is compared with the blood pressure in your arms. This helps determine how well your blood is flowing.
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Glucose Screening

Fingerstick blood test measuring blood glucose (sugar) level. This is recommended yearly for those who have a family history of diabetes. Persons with a greater risk for diabetes are those who are over the age of 45, overweight, members of some ethnic groups, or pregnant females.
Proctor Hospital

OsteoPorosis Heel Screening

Test performed to determine bone mineral content as a predictor of bone loss in the spine. This screening is recommended for postmenopausal women or women 55 years of age or older. The incidence of disease increases with age.
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Confidential Addiction Assessment

A free confidential assessment interview for alcohol and/or drug, gambling, spending, sex, food and Internet addictions as well as chronic pain. Assessments are conducted by the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery at Proctor Hospital. Free informational sessions are also available at 1-800-522-3784 or 309/691-1055. Visit the website at
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Health Education Presentations

Presentations are between half an hour and one hour in length. Topics may be customized to better fit your business needs. For pricing and additional information or questions, please call Proctor Business Development at 309/689-8334.